Question: Is there an age or grade limit?

Answer: Yes, ultimately our program is designed for middle schoolers specifically 4th-8th grade.

Question: Does my child need to bring a computer?

Answer: A computer is required to participate in the course. However, if you are unable to provide your own laptop that's okay. We do have laptop available for rental. Keep in mind you must designate and pay for laptop rental at time of registration- you can not do this the day of there will not be extra laptops on site.

Question: How large are the class sizes?

Answer: Each session has a minimum enrollment requirement of at least 15 students and a maximum of 25 students.

Question: Is there homework?

Answer: There is optional homework that will ultimately make the students game design better. However, this is not required material.

Question: Can my child sign up for both Mondays & Saturdays

Answer: Yes, but keep in mind the curriculum is the same so they wouldn't be gaining more content but instead more time.

Question: Does tuition cover materials?

Answer: Tuition includes a 4 week crash course in video game development for a total 10 Hour of hands on training. It also includes all necessary software and course materials.

Question: Does my child need to have knowledge of computer programming?

Answer: We welcome students of all skill levels. Ultimately this boot camp is designed as an introductory course for youth interested in game development. No prior knowledge is required.

Question: Does it matter where my child goes to school?

Answer: No it doesn't matter where your child attends school. We welcome students from all districts.

Question: Is there financial aid available to help with tuition?

Answer: Currently we don't have need based financial aid available to help with tuition. However, we are offering 2 scholarships to a student who shows talent in game development. If you're interested in applying for a scholarship call (570) 325-6124